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3395 N Franklin St
Christiansburg, VA 24073
(540) 961-1000

Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday

9:00am to 5:30pm

Service Department

Complete Auto Repair & Service Center

When you have your car financed with Drive Away Cars you get a $500 line of credit with our garage, and your oil changes and state inspections are included with the loan. Whether your car needs a bulb replaced, a transmission rebuilt, or anything in between our full service garage can help you. We have 4 full time technicians ready to help with your service needs.

We do it all: complete diagnostics, mufflers, oil changes, A/C work, transmissions, electrical & wiring problems, hoses, alternators, starters, radiators, brakes, fuel pumps, catalytic converters, axles/drive shafts, exhaust, tie rods, serpentine belts, complete suspension work, intake gaskets, timing belts, water pumps, power steering, any fluid change, tune-ups, install airbags, and more.

Call our Service Department, 961-1000, to get an appointment for your maintenance or repairs.

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